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About us

Schretlen Notaris

We offer a complete notarial service to individuals and entrepreneurs. Your questions about getting married, inheriting, buying and doing business are at the right counter with us. We also take care of the tax settlement for you.

We give you a clear and correct answer in a personal approach. We translate this into a legally sound text and thereby give you the certainty that you are looking for.

Our experience is broad and so to speak covers all questions from the cradle to the grave.


We do things that matter

House & Mortgage

House & Mortgage

Do you want to buy or sell a commercial property? We guide the buyer and seller and ensure that all agreements are recorded in binding documents.
Marriage & living together

Marriage & living together

When cohabiting with someone or entering into a marriage, many legal matters are involved. Set everything up in a contract, so there is clarity.
Last will

Last will

This section is about inheriting in two steps or not paying any inheritance tax when the first parent dies.
How does it work?

Foreign countries

Foreign countries

Our experience is not confined to the Netherlands. So if you have any questions about international situations, feel free to contact us.

More information?

Questions? Please contact us by telephone at: +31 492 370 090 or via the contact form.


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